Residential strata complexes that are well-maintained inside and out tend to have higher property values.  You may not consider the importance of strata lawn and garden maintenance in Vancouver or its impact on property values, but there is plenty of compelling evidence that suggests well-managed grounds can add as much as 20% to the value of a property.

Imagine for a moment that you are interested in purchasing a strata property.  You view two properties with similar features and in the same neighbourhood – one features beautifully designed and maintained lawn and gardens, while the other is overgrown with weeds and moss.  If you share the psychology of most home buyers, you would pay considerably more for the beautifully landscaped property.  Still, the impact of quality strata lawn and garden maintenance in Vancouver on property values extends beyond mere aesthetic.

Indeed, quality landscaping can impact the bottom line of commercial properties as well.  Studies show that landscaping can even attract more visitors to retail properties and even impact lease rates for commercial buildings.  Additionally, landscaping can even have a positive impact on energy usage.  In fact, there is plenty of evidence to support hiring professional landscaping for strata properties as there are many concrete benefits.

First, landscaping is an affordable approach to increasing the value of a strata property.  Whether you are looking to increase the value of a residential strata property or attract more quality tenants to commercial strata units, the cost of strata lawn and garden maintenance will pay for itself – particularly when you work with licensed, professional landscaping firms.  For example, a recent consumer report found that strata lawn and garden maintenance programs can translate to an average property value of 10% or more increase over similar properties that are not landscaped properly.

The Impact of Landscaping on Property Values

Strata lawn and garden maintenance that includes quality landscape design can also reduce heating and cooling costs of properties.  In 1995, the US Department of Energy found that shading an air conditioner can improve its efficiency significantly.  Shade from well-placed trees can not only keep interior temperatures cooler, they can also make your HVAC systems operate better.  Moreover, properly placed plants and trees can also mitigate het loss through walls in the winter months.

As you can see, strata lawn and garden maintenance in Vancouver can not only improve property values by making them more attractive, but can also reduce living costs associated with energy usage.  For commercial properties, landscaping helps to create a positive first impression that will effectively influence potential customers’ decision to frequent a business. The Impact of Landscaping on Property Values in regards to strata lawn and garden maintenance should never be underestimated.